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Shady Hill guests are provided with their own personal oversized indoor/outdoor run. The inside area is 40 sq ft. and the outside is 150 sq. ft.  If you have two dogs, they can easily stay together and still have plenty of room.  Both indoor and outdoor areas are constructed  without concrete.   Instead, we use cushioned rubber “Comfy Matting”. These mats stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter and provide a safe non-slip surface that greatly reduces stress on leg muscles and joints.   It has been our experience that dogs are more comfortable and content when not confined to a concrete surface.


Cats and Small Dogs

Even though we are especially well suited for large dogs, we have great living quarters for your smaller pets also. There are inside accommodations along with both a covered deck and outside lawn areas in which the dogs can exercise.

For our feline guests, we offer very large “kitty condo’s” to make your pet comfortable.  These are also inside so that “kitty” will stay safe, comfortable and warm.


Lots of room gives good air circulation

Kitty's love windows